Kalkulator Version 2.5 Free trial

A calculator – as a calculator should be

Some people would prefer to take their chances getting soaked in orange juice, getting dressed like a chicken, making sounds of an over eager to please rooster and flapping their imaginary wings while swimming with hungry crocodiles that haven’t been fed for three and a half weeks rather than face mathematics by themselves. Luckily enough, those people usually don’t become scientists or engineers, or at least most of them don’t. As scientists and engineers have to face difficult calculating tasks, Kalkulator is the precise tool suitable for their needs as it's primarily designed for scientists and engineers. Users can enjoy over 100 calculating and evaluating basic, advanced and user defined functions.
To facilitate work, users can build defined complex conditioned expressions and enter appropriate values. Some people may need Kalkulator even to just read that last sentence. We sure did. Other than that, Kalkulator features computer math (binary, octal, hex), physical constants, integrals, numerical integration and differentiation, interpolation, algorithms, linear and none linear graphs, matrixes and vectors.
Kalkulator also offers the most basic actions, so it can fit users' basic needs. It takes up very little system resources and supports all operating systems.
A word of caution to the wise: Kalkulator can make math easy. It can even make it loveable. Before you know it, you can find yourself enjoying math, and that's never healthy. Consider yourself warned.
Users come first